This module employs artificial intelligence to furnish an initial interpretation of blood, urine, and other diagnostic test results. Users have the option to upload an image, PDF, or text file of laboratory test reports.

Following the AI’s preliminary interpretation of the patient’s test, a specialist healthcare practitioner or relevant physician would receive this interpretation for a more precise analysis, and to determine the subsequent treatment measures.

If you possess a medical device in your clinic or hospital that generates medical images in non-standard formats such as XVO, which are not typically supported by common image, PDF, or text formats, we offer the facility to integrate it with the application using this module. This will enable patients or physicians to access or upload the contents of these files.

As a progressive and innovative clinic or hospital, if you aspire to accept payments through cryptocurrencies, similar to leading global enterprises, our team can facilitate the implementation of the requisite infrastructure for cryptocurrency payments within your clinic’s application. (Image of the payment with cryptocurrency feature).

If you wish to offer your users the convenience of authenticating themselves through popular accounts like Google, Microsoft, or Apple, we have integrated this functionality within the application and can customise it to align with your specific requirements.

If you are seeking to transmit promotional notifications to your patients or users on a regular or special basis via your application, we are pleased to offer you the requisite panel and tools within the application.

If you desire to disseminate recurring promotional SMS messages to your patients, we can facilitate this service within our advanced package. We will furnish you with a dedicated dashboard and panel in the application, along with the configuration of a dedicated number by our technical team.

Apart from the paper-based prescriptions that physicians issue to patients, there may be a requirement for electronic prescriptions that cater to insurance companies or medical centers. We will handle the technical implementation of electronic prescriptions and furnish patients and physicians with the necessary tools to utilize this service.

If you seek to procure specific or general insurance policies and establish a means of interaction with insurance providers for your clinic or hospital, we can facilitate this through the implementation of a unified API or even individual APIs from each provider within your application.

If you wish to offer periodic targets and incentives for physicians and other medical service providers within your clinic or hospital, we have introduced the first exclusive club for doctors, along with specialized applications for users and physicians. Through this system, you can bestow gifts such as tickets to exclusive sports and recreational clubs or travel opportunities to your physicians, and incentivize them with facilities or rewards for increased online activity.

We offer the capability to connect with a range of standard and specialized CRMs, provided they support an API structure for our technical team. Upon acquiring the core features of the software, you may request technical assistance from us to establish a connection between the application and your CRM and clinic.