Assign a dedicated page in the application for each patient or customer of the clinic. User-specific profile features include a section for inputting their given name, surname, personal information, image uploads, as well as the ability to record their medical history and previous visits.

Our application provides the option of integrating electronic payment gateways for users in a completely online manner, allowing for the collection of fees for medical visits and healthcare services rendered (similar to prominent services like PayPal and Mastercard, etc.).

Our mobile application incorporates a straightforward notification feature to streamline communication between users and healthcare service providers.

Our application provides the capability to add or modify the regulations and policies of the clinic or hospital prior to an online visit, for both users (patients) and medical service providers (physicians).

Our application offers the flexibility to add or modify custom frequently asked questions (FAQs) for each clinic or hospital. This enables patients to have access to more information before their online visit with physicians, enhancing their understanding and experience.

A guide on how to use various sections of the app for patients and users

Our application features an in-app search function that allows patients to effortlessly search for medical service providers within the clinic or hospital. This includes the ability to search for a specific physician using their first and last name.

The ability for patients to easily and freely describe their medical condition or problem in text format, without any limitations, prior to the physician visit

The possibility of registering past medical records for patients (such as surgical history or cardiac surgery, etc.) and the possibility of accessing online visit history to retrieve information related to medications or previous prescriptions

It is possible for patients and clinicians of the clinic or hospital to communicate with each other through online chat in a textual format, in a way that patients can send necessary medical information and documents, and clinicians can view and respond to them in real-time

It is possible to upload a handwritten prescription by a clinician in the application as an image file, and for the patient to download it and present it to pharmacies or healthcare providers to obtain the desired medication or treatment services.

A management panel in the form of a web-based dashboard is available for clinics and hospitals, which provides you with access to financial managers, medical service providers (physicians), and IT department of the healthcare facility.

The panel includes features such as adding or removing physicians to the clinic membership, banning or blocking users, managing financial aspects of physician visits, setting and monitoring tariffs, marketing, and more.

A dedicated profile is provided for each physician employed in the clinic in the physician version of the application, which includes fields about the physician, their educational and scientific background, professional experience, additional information, and working hours at the clinic, among other features.

The application provides the feature of displaying the waiting queue of patients to physicians, allowing them to manage and organize patient visits and appointments online without the need for a receptionist or internal management.

The application provides the feature to display the online or offline status of physicians employed in the clinic or hospital in real-time, allowing for instant monitoring of their availability on-site.

The application provides the feature of displaying the recorded details of each patient before the start of the physician visit, including patient-provided descriptions, medical history, uploaded medical documents, and more, to the physician.

The application provides the feature of connecting to a database of commonly used drugs worldwide, with the ability for physicians to easily add drugs to the prescription automatically or through an autocomplete feature.

The application provides the feature of easily re-establishing communication by physicians in case of issues such as internet disconnection or problems with mobile devices, by simply pressing a button.

As a clinic or hospital manager, you have the ability to set physician visit fees through the dashboard. However, with this module, physicians are granted the freedom to choose and determine their own visit fees.

As the manager of a clinic or hospital, you have the capability to specify the working schedule of physicians through your admin dashboard. Additionally, the physician-specific version of the application includes an automatic scheduling feature for working hours and days of physicians conducting online visits.

Patients or users will gain access to the core features of the software by entering their mobile phone number and verifying it through a text message. On the other hand, healthcare providers or physicians can log in by using a set username and password to access the services.

Our technical team will provide server and software support related to the core features of the online medical software running on our internal servers. The support will be provided through our official technical ticket system, which is available 24/7 to ensure system maintenance stability.