By utilising the medical video visit module, you can effortlessly create a platform for video calls between patients and healthcare service providers in your clinic or hospital, and avail the numerous advantages of this online service.

Through the medical audio visit module, you can establish a secure environment with safeguards for the mobile numbers of physicians or healthcare service providers and develop a platform for audio visits between the physicians and patients on the internet.

The Pro package encompasses a module that enables the upload of medical images in various common formats, including JPG, PDF, PNG, etc., between the patient and healthcare service provider, similar to medical images, tests, radiology, and other related files.

If you require specific filters to facilitate the search for your physicians or healthcare service providers in the user application, this module can be of assistance. For instance, filtering results based on the highest ratings or lowest service prices, among other criteria.

The Pro package features an advanced search module for your user application (for patients), which enables a comprehensive search functionality. For instance, searching for online physicians, among other search criteria.

As a professional online clinic or hospital, this module enables your patients or users to create profiles for their pets or even other family members, and even have online visits for them. These sub-profiles encompass nearly all the features of medical visits for the users, but the management of their medical visits remains the responsibility of the profile creator.

This module grants your users or patients access to their health records, comprising of any allergies or routine medications they take, which can be uploaded to their profile. Prior to commencing any visit, healthcare service providers can review these records.

The wallet module is essential for patients who require routine online visits, and it transforms your online clinic into an all-in-one solution. This module enables users to deposit funds into their account or wallet, which can be utilized over time for online visits.

If your clinic or hospital caters to international patients or doctors, this module can be of great utility to you. The default language of this medical application is English. However, if you require additional languages such as Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, etc. to be added to your application, our technical team can implement each language separately for you.

The Pro package offers a module that enables the inclusion of a custom slider to provide B2B services, an advertising banner, or even a link from your clinic or hospital website and social media page within your application.

This module enables the creation of special basis discount codes based on the rules and regulations of your clinic or hospital. You can manage usage rules, such as multiple or one-time use, through this module.

If you need your users to be able to log in to your application with their email address, in addition to their mobile phone number, this module is available in the Pro package.

In the event that it is imperative for your clinic or hospital to have precise knowledge of the medications prescribed by your physicians, as well as their respective dosages, this module offers the ability to present a chosen list of medications to healthcare service providers.

Should it be necessary for you to implement a particular discount on the visitation fee of one or multiple designated physicians, or if your clinic’s medical professionals possess the capability to specify a percentage of the visit fee as a discount code, this module simplifies the process for you in the Pro package.

In the event that you require the installation and deployment of our application on your private clinic or hospital servers, with user and physician access granted, this option is available to you through our Pro package. Our support team will configure and update the software on your personal servers, ensuring seamless operation.